If you are interested in contributing to Jolt, you can create a PR (opens in a new tab) or send a message (opens in a new tab) for more info.

Getting started

Before you rush off to make your first PR, please have a quick read through the docs about the conventions and goals set out for the project.

There is information about why/how Jolt differs from Material, as well as file structure, comments and testing.

The basics


The linting of choice is currently very_good_analysis (opens in a new tab). Please make sure that any PRs are submitted with no linting errors.


As part of the linting, you might see Missing documentation for a public member.

All public members should have sensible comments, for example:

/// Providing a tooltip to [Button] will enable a tooltip to show on hover or long press.
/// It will also add the tooltip to the semantic widget for accessibility.
final String tooltip;



Button(style: myVarient)